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Environmental Considerations

Helping to address the green agenda
Consideration for the environment is at the core of everything we do. We undergo regular independent audits to demonstrate our commitment to improvement through reducing:

  • Our electrical consumption
  • The amount of waste that goes to landfill
  • Our carbon footprint

We meet our environmental goals by assessing our environmental impact at every stage of our service to you, and throughout the lifecycle of our products.

Reducing environmental impact during ordering and payment processes

We understand that some of our customers prefer to use paper and postal methods when ordering products. We are happy to support these processes; however we hope to assist all our customers in moving to one of our alternative, environmentally friendly ordering methods such as:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Online ordering via our website
  • E-purchasing through edi or xml
  • Punch-out systems using market place solutions
  • Electronic invoicing

Considering the environmental impact of delivery and distribution

We only use dedicated and experienced carrier companies, carefully selected because they consistently deliver on an accurate, timely and environmentally friendly basis. This ensures that we have 95% capacity on all deliveries, minimising the amount of vehicles used and the miles driven. We work in partnership with our carriers to maximise energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact on a continuous basis, and have supported their significant achievements:

  • Reduced fuel usage by 9%
  • Improved fuel efficiency by 1.5%, over the 1.5 million miles covered each year, by using ‘double-deck’ trailers that can carry one-third more parcels
  • Saved 4,581 tonnes of CO² emissions through innovative techniques such as using solar panels on trailers and the use of electric vehicles

Our delivery partners use a variety of other techniques to minimise their environmental impact

  • Using SMS technology to find out if recipients are available to sign for goods, reducing wasted journey
  • Developing drive-smart techniques, for example cutting engines whilst idling to save fuel
  • Planning routes using Intermec software to enable drive efficiencies, for example making multiple deliveries on one run
  • Investing £80 million on fleet, further reducing congestion and emissions

Our own brand and third party products

For our own Longbow products, we assess the environmental impact on an ongoing basis through measures on reduction of carbon footprint, our ability to recycle products through the 'Hand it Back' programme and the increase in recycled materials for packaging. Our product management team are responsible for this assessment, and they play a pivotal role in setting and delivering our environmental policies.

All of our Tier One manufacturing partners work to a global environmental strategy, and we conduct annual reviews to assess their progress against targets. We will only continue the partnership if their review is successful.

We also ask all of our partners to clearly display their eco-labels, either on their products or within their marketing materials, to help you make informed decisions about the products that you buy. All products must offer 80% efficient power supplies to comply with the new, more stringent ENERGY STAR 6.1 regulations.

Our approach to reducing packaging

We're proud to be at the forefront of innovative packaging reduction, re-use and recycling techniques, so that we can offer you a choice of packaging and inbox filling that has a positive effect on the environment. For example, we use recycled paper for all of our tender documents and printing paper. We use our ‘Swapit’ tote box instead of the traditional cardboard box. And over the past year we've recycled 71% of our waste.

Our manufacturing partners are also committed to reducing or eliminating environmentally sensitive materials associated with their products, and our environmental committee review product packing every six months. Here are some highlights: 

  • Utilising standard pre-printed labels to show product details and bar codes on the front and adjacent sides, making the products easy to identify accurately
  • Using recycled shredded paper for inbox filling
  • Packing products in inflatable bags before they are boxed, which protects the products, reduces waste and avoids the need to stock high quantities of cardboard cradles specific to each product

The Turbon Zero Waste Policy is an exceptional example of manufacturer commitment that avoids any use of landfill, with over 97% of everything handled being either recycled responsibly or used in the remanufacturing process.

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