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Home Office - Case Study
The Government Office Supplies Contract (GOSC) provides £650,000 savings for the Home Office.
ChallengeThe Home Office needed to demonstrate major savings on Office Supplies.   SolutionThe Home Office identified that by replacing its existing OEM printer solution with remanufactured printer it could make significant savings.


The Home Office was able to achieve cost savings of more than £650,000 in a single year.

Saving money can give any organisation a boost. However, creating efficiencies has become a major issue for Public Sector organisations, such as the Home Office, who have been tasked in recent years with making savings of up to 25% of their annual budgets.

One of the ways the Home Office was able to meet cost-saving targets and reduce spend was by reviewing its use of IT supplies. After the review, they chose to move from OEM printer cartridges to remanufactured cartridges provided by XMA, who offer Electronic Office Supplies (EOS) as part of the GOSC Contract. GOSC is part of a suite of Centralised Procurement Contracts and is managed by HMRC on behalf of the Government Procurement Service. Within a year, the decision has saved the Home Office more than £650,000 – reducing their cost from nearly £1.5 million to just over £800,000.

 In the first year we started working with XMA to deliver remanufactured printer cartridges we saved more than £650,000 which was a fantastic achievement.  

Reduced cost but not quality
XMA undertook a detailed analysis of potential savings and created a solution that was cost-effective but still high on quality.

It was important for the Home Office that XMA staff could reassure them and their agencies that the remanufactured printer cartridges would be compliant with existing equipment and that XMA could deliver the solution practically with little or no fuss for the end-users. This included supplying samples free of charge for trial sites and discussing and addressing all concerns before the full roll out.

Also important was XMA’s ability to offer a broad range of remanufactured printer cartridges to help maximise the cost savings possible from undertaking the change.

A good working relationship
Darren Gregg said: “It works very simply. We have a catalogue on our system and all of our business areas have access to the procurement items available to them. It’s a little like shopping on the Internet. They just go onto the system, find an item, insert the quantity and go through to the check-out. Once that is done, their orders go straight to XMA and they have a set delivery day.

A professional approach“We have created a good rapport with XMA. We communicate very well through regular reviews and meetings. All my discussions with XMA are done through my account manager which means there is a single point of contact and I know I can trust the company to help me with what I need.

GOSC Value
  • GOSC has delivered significant savings to users of EOS across Central Government and eligible wider Public Sector organisations with declared benefits of almost £3 million in the year 12/13.
  • No increases in EOS pricing since the Contract went live in September 2011
  • Significant price rises from major manufacturers including Xerox and Lexmark have been absorbed by XMA.         

See how we helped Central Government save £5m in two years.

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