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The University of Warwick - Case Study

Streamlining print operations
The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s great success stories. In less than fifty years since being founded it has become one of the UK’s best universities, consistently at the top of UK league tables and rapidly climbing the international league tables of world class universities. The University has 29,301 students and staff using average annual print volumes of 25 million pages.

After being selected under the Crown Commercial Services RM1599 framework, XMA began working with the University in June 2012 to provide a fully managed print solution. Chris Wood Printing Services Service Owner of the University commented "We chose XMA because we felt that they were the most flexible" . The University had a mixed fleet of 3,800 devices encompassing MFD’s and Desktop Printers. Since 2012, XMA have rationalised these devices, reducing the fleet by 60%. As part of this rationalisation project, XMA also provided a wraparound managed service for the University’s legacy MFD and desktop printers including HP, Samsung and Ricoh devices. Now, staff and students use the Print Management solution across the University, accessed via Mifare smartcards.

The initial requirement was a mix of HP and Kyocera MFD’s coupled with SafeCom Pull Printing and job accounting software in order to provide accurate billing for cost recovery. The second phase of the project was a Document Management Project to digitise information for sharing around the University, which will reduce overall page’ volumes University wide.

Adam Williams, MPS Manager for XMA noted: "With the University we had to adopt a customer led and very fluid approach as each Department had differing print requirements to be supplied through the Kyocera fleet of products".

Chris continued: "The key for us was to have one user interface across a vast fleet of devices so that we could have support information, documentation, FAQ’s, where there was a real continuity to it and ease of use".

The fleet has also been supplied with SafeCom pull print management software to reduce costs and meet environmental targets. Users authenticate at the MFD using MiFare smartcard technology.

"The pull print has made a massive difference for us, cutting down on waste. We used to see enormous piles of waste in the recycling bin; we don’t see that anymore. Another massive area for us is mobile print and technologies. That gives our users the ability to send an attachment to a specific mobile print email address, and that attachment will then be sent to their print queue. Use of this has doubled since last term and we expect that to continue."

Since the initial phases, XMA now work with Warwick University, who also offer their print room services to local businesses in the area. This has created a revenue stream for the University, alongside their £180,000 reduced print costs and tangible environmental savings. Craig Colledge, Print General Manager explained:

"SafeCom gives you financial reporting that we can go back to the Financial Directors and tell them exactly what the cost implications of printing in the University are".  


Watch the video case study for the University of Warwick.
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