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Keeping students safe, teachers in control, parents happy, and liberating IT support teams.
The future of school and classroom management.
Classlink introduces efficient systems and revolutionary processes that make it easier for everyone in the school environment to get on with their job of work - or job of learning.

We provide schools with a single workspace in which to manage its networks, access cloud-based applications, and carry out ICT auditing and reporting. Classlink provides a safe and secure online environment for students, gives teachers full control of the technology being used in the classroom and allows schools to communicate key information to parents and carers directly.


Teachers - we know that you are under intense pressure to achieve excellent results, with limited resources. Reducing your workload and giving you better control over what’s happening on the devices in your classroom is where Classlink is in a class of its own.

  • Reduce time spent on admin by using Classlink for activities such as distributing files to student folders, creating interactive tests, prescheduling activities and resources for the class, tracking lesson progress in real-time and sharing plans with other teachers.

  • Keep students focussed on the task at hand by limiting access to the internet, specific applications or locking computers, as and when you need to.

  • Give extra support to pupils by using the ‘bird’s eye view’ to check each child’s progress and to connect with or assist those who are struggling.

Remote learning allows teachers and students to interact without leaving their seats.
  • Keep children safe online with detailed information about websites visited, time spent on specific pages, and keyword monitoring to safeguard children against inappropriate online content.

  • Each student gets access to only the most appropriate resources for their learning journey.

  • A safe place for children to report any concerns at school or the availability of inappropriate material.

  • Through the Classlink Cloud App Launcher, students access their cloud apps from anywhere, anytime.

We know that everyone have valid concerns over keeping children safe online. But, the resources available on the internet are of huge value to teachers and students, as children find them highly stimulating and engaging. It’s vital that schools can combine the provision of a safe place for learning with access to online educational content.


Pupils learn at different rates, and in different ways. With Classlink, tailoring lessons for students at different ability levels is a doddle.
Classlink Notify allows parents to feel more connection with the school. It can be customised with your school logo and colour scheme to give the app a recognisable look for parents and carers.

As a hard-working parent, life is bound to be hectic. There isn’t always time to pop into the school office, or read long-winded letters from school. Downloading Classlink Notify, our easy to use app, will provide you with immediate access to urgent information and an easy way to stay in regular contact.

  • Keep tabs on school events via the integrated calendar.

  • Get urgent notifications, such as school closures, via the push notification feature.

  • Stay up to date with school news and policies, and letters relevant to your child’s age group.

  • Return forms to school online.

IT Support

By using the wide range of tools available from XMA, school IT support teams can spend less time fire-fighting and more time planning ICT strategy.

The technician’s console provides a bird’s eye view of the network, allows you to react to staff requests for assistance, take basic inventories of hardware and software on computers and remotely shutdown, start and restart computers as required.

Using Classlink will give you peace of mind as data is stored fully encrypted end to end, so you can be confident that it is safe. It will help you work towards a more sustainable ICT strategy by controlling print costs, reducing the need for hardware refreshes and moving to cloud-based applications.

  • Reduce your workload by giving access to basic tasks (such as changing passwords) to teaching staff.

  • Keep your system running at peak efficiency by using live network monitoring for a clear view of the status of every school computer.

  • Save time and energy by scheduling automatic tasks such as starting and closing down computers.

  • Work from wherever using our Cloud based management tool.

  • Keep your network secure, using Classlink’s security check mode to identify systems without all security options in force.

Better device management allows IT Support teams to get the most from their technology.
Remote Learning enables teachers and pupils to interact without leaving their desks.

Classlink Notify is the easiest way for teachers to stay in contact with parents and carers.

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