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Classlink is the network management and teaching software solution from XMA. Classlink logo

Significantly reducing the burden of network administration, Classlink provides teachers with complete control of classroom ICT and the ability to monitor students' progress.

Classlink is a software suite that simplifies the management of your school's network and enables teachers to turn classroom ICT into a cross-curricular teaching tool.

Its modular design offers a "pay as you grow" approach, ensuring you only pay for the modules you need, which allows you to expand the capabilities of your Classlink network as your needs increase.

Classlink 11 features
  • SharePoint 2013-based running on Windows Server 2012 and SQL 2012
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and legacy XP client machines
  • Also supports iOS, Android and Chrome OS
  • New version of Remote Learning
  • Mobile device support including iOS and Android
  • Now integrates with the schools MIS system for user creation

Classlink 11 Core Services ClassLink Core Services encompasses the key elements of the ClassLink solution:
  • A stable and secure network environment, “out of the box”
  • User Account Management – including bulk processing tools
  • ClassLink Remote Learning for classroom control and support

Classlink 11 Bolt-On Modules

Login Audit
Audit User access to ClassLink 11 Network and produce User Access Reports.

Print Quota
Control of printer access rights, allocates printer credits to users and report on printer use.

Application Audit
Determine which applications are used, when, where, how often and by which users. Ensuring optimimum license utilisation.

Internet Access Log
Restrict Access by user type, report on internet usage and police and enforce acceptable use policy.

Microsoft Exchange Module
Bulk Mailbox Administration Tools.

Terminal Services (Remote Access)
Remote Access to the ClassLink 11 network, enabling anytime, anywhere learning.

Remote Learning enables teachers and pupils to interact without leaving their desks.

Classlink Notify is the easiest way for teachers to stay in contact with parents and carers.

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