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7th March 2017

Creating equal opportunities for students with
the use of 1:1 technology

A recent study from charity Teach First states that pupils living in ‘poorer’ areas are half as likely as their rich counterparts to be heading to an outstanding secondary school.

This year, families are set to struggle more than ever to secure a place for their child at their secondary school of choice. Although around half of these children will be let down due to being in the wrong catchment area, research reveals that the rest will be let down by social selection.

Although there are stricter rules enforced by local government to minimise social selection from top schools, having the right technology in the classroom can play a significant role in ensuring children of all backgrounds have access to the same level of education.

What is one-to-one deployment?

One-to-one computing environments consist of one uniform device, provided by the school, being used by all students within the classroom, an initiative that is becoming increasingly popular.

The benefits of one-to-one deployment in schools include saving on printing and textbook costs, enhanced learning resources, increasing peer-to-peer learning as well as helping to bridge the social gap.

One of the most important benefits of integrating uniformed technology into the classroom is the elimination of digital inequality, allowing all children to learn in the same way – no matter their background.

Creating equal opportunities with classroom consistency

Consistency is the key to a happy classroom, with everyone in the classroom working on only one platform and device, teachers can become smarter with the way they’re structuring lessons.

By being consistent with your classroom technology, all students, whether they’ve come into contact with devices at home or not, are able to become familiar with their device, and begin to associate this with learning.

One-to-one deployment doesn’t have to be expensive either; devices such as the Viglen duo.tab are an affordable way to eliminating digital inequality in the classroom, and features all of the software needed to increase consistency, and reduce distractions.

The duo.tab also features Windows 10 and can run the Office 365 suite – platforms that are recognised by educators all over the world for being easy to use, and enhancing the classroom experience.

Devices cost as little as £99 each, meaning a whole classroom could have access to one-to-one technology for less than £3000.

Considering one-to-one deployment?

Alllearn, XMA’s end-to-end solution for schools, can provide everything required for one-to-one deployment including:

  • Infrastructure assessments (wifi network needs, server requirements, software requirements)
  • Staff training
  • Device deployment
  • Installation

Learn more about Allearn, and take the next steps towards enabling your students with one-to-one technology. Here are some relevant resources.

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