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13th April 2017

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5 Tips to make the most out of your direct marketing

Direct mail makes your message stronger – it is more powerful and effect on long-term memory than other media – 32% higher than email and 72% higher than TV.

Incorporating direct marketing into your marketing strategy can be one of the most effective ways of communicating your latest promotion or campaign. According to research conducted by the Royal Mail when direct mail is included in the marketing mix it can increase the total communications ROI (Return on Investment) by 12%. It can also help you improve the reputation of your company with your customers - people value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.

57% say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued in comparison to only 17% who said the same about receiving email.

Poor communication put customers off of organisations. If communication is late or inaccurate it damages the recipients trust preventing them from viewing the organisation as trustworthy, respectful and competent...

Direct mail makes your message stronger – it is more powerful and effect on long-term memory than other media – 32% higher than email and 72% higher than TV.

  • Co-ordinate your direct marketing with your online marketing – make sure your messaging is clear and consistent
  • Update your mailing list – make sure that addresses are kept up-to-date and direct mail is going to the right recipient. Identify ‘data gaps’ in mailing list – nurture your contacts
  • Make templates to drag and drop future promotions into – much like company newsletters – templates help make marketing campaigns easier
  • Review the effectiveness of your campaign, collect feedback in the follow-up with sales teams – provide special deal codes so the ROI (Return on Investment) can be tracked
  • Better targeting – reduce the practice of addressing letters ‘to the homeowner’ or ‘the occupier’ 60% of consumers believe a correctly addressed piece of post with their name on will be more relevant or interesting to them in comparison to the 16% that believe post addressed to ‘Dear Homeowner’ or ‘Occupier’ are worth reading
  • Reduce time and effort spent on fixing mistakes and missing essential information. 

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