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How to attract and retain top talent amongst falling university applications

UCAS had earlier this year reported a 4% drop in potential students applying to UK universities – around 25,000 less than in 2016.  Uncertainties around Brexit and the rising costs of studying are some of the main things that have been pinpointed as the reason for this fall.  So how do universities attract and retain top talent against other Higher Education competitors? Technology could be the answer.
Update your End User technology 
With frequent usage of university devices and new models with new features coming out so regularly, it is important for universities to ensure they kit out their campus with the best desktops and devices to serve their students.  This will always be an attractive feature to any potential applicant.
Maintain your Infrastructure 
Most people can’t see it but they certainly notice when it’s not working correctly!  From slow Wi-Fi to long load times, this is an important factor to consider when looking at your technology offering.  In an age where education is moving away from books to online, top performing infrastructure has never been so important.
Student Incentive 
Some universities offer cash incentives to potential applicants, but why not offer a technology incentive? A free laptop or tablet? In this technology led world, all student will likely want one or both of these items for their studies, so offering as an incentive to attract the best talent will no doubt send your applications sky high!
Staff training 
Keeping your staff up to date on the latest technology and training them how to use it, always keeps them one step ahead of today’s tech savvy student. Features including Office 365, Google Docs and iOS Apps for learning are just some of the few examples your teachers should be familiar with and using day to day in the classroom.
It is important to deliver communication through relevant channels both for potential students and existing students. Communication is key to attracting and retaining top talent.  Use of social media, blogs, Google apps etc. are exactly what you should be using to communicate with this age of digital students.

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