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3rd April 2017
Is your outdated telephone system
costing more than you are aware of?
Outdated telephone

We all know that outdated telephony infrastructure is expensive to maintain and can limit the flexibility of your communications.

At a time when public and private sector organisations are eagerly looking for cost savings, expensive and outdated telephone systems are being put under the spotlight. With the popular but ageing ISDN-based systems becoming outnumbered as companies move to IP-based solutions, maintaining outdated technology is only going to get more costly.

Voice services company, Gamma, have identified the growing concern that some organisations have had around outdated systems, and have identified the major costs associated with traditional ISDN-based systems that you may not be aware of.

Direct costs
  • Ongoing costs – ISDN, compared to SIP solutions, can be up to 50% more expensive on line rental and 25% more expensive on calls. Significantly more costly than modern solutions
  • Lengthy contracts – ISDN solutions usually come with new and expensive contracts for adding additional lines to your system. Removing lines can be just as costly too
  • Maintaining old technology – Even if you don’t have to call a service technician in the next two years, the cost in the future when you require assistance is going to increase significantly
In-direct costs
  • Business continuity – Unlike modern solutions, ISDN systems cannot automatically divert the call to another location, or even manage where the calls are routed.
    If your business communications went down for one week, would you survive?
  • Staff happiness – ISDN solutions don’t offer the flexibility that staff require when they’re working outside of the office. Ditching the outdated equipment could save an organisation over £30,000 according to Oxford Economics – the average cost of losing an unhappy and technologically frustrated employee

While old telephone solutions are failing to meet demands, and improvements are still being made on alternative communications through the internet, a modern telephone system is still essential to the running of a successful organisation.

Gamma believes there are two options available to organisations who wish to upgrade, while saving money at the same time. These are:

SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to connect your company’s phone system (PBX) using data access pipes. This means that your calls are carried over the internet rather than via a phone line. This carries a number of advantages. SIP trunking . . .

  • Requires just one connection to carry your voice and data service connection
  • Is flexible allowing businesses to relocate and keep the same number
  • Provides business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of an emergency
Hosted phone system

If you are looking for a complete phone system that also saves you money, hosting your phone system in the cloud can offer your business a number of benefits. Hosted phone systems include:

  • No more maintenance costs, online portals give you the power to make changes
  • Just one point of contact, rather than three providers associated with ISDN solutions
  • The ability to be fragile, meeting the demands of your staff who work from home

Outdated telephone systems are hampering organisations throughout the UK, as well as being a costly burden. To see how you could benefit from a next generation solution such as SIP trunking or hosted phone systems, find out more about Gamma here.

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