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Watch our video below to learn how Trend Micro's Cloud App Security offering can help you secure your cloud environment. Dan Gadd (CAS Expert at Trend Micro) will be diving into how Trend Micro is best placed to protect your business.

As you adopt cloud-based enterprise applications such as Microsoft® Office 365™ you need to be more vigilant about security than ever. While these applications are delivered in a secure manner, you share the responsibility to secure the content that passes through them.


What are the risks?
  • Emails containing advanced malware not caught by traditional methods
  • The sharing of Office files containing sensitive data and hidden malware
  • Remote workers, partners, and customers sharing files on devices outside of security policy enforcement
  • Network-breach detection systems missing traffic between remote users and the application

 It’s time to supplement your cloud-based application security with advanced controls that strengthen your breach detection and compliance efforts. Trend Micro Cloud App Security enables you to embrace the efficiency of cloud services while maintaining security.

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