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November 2016
Viglen duo.tab saving every penny.
The flexible way to integrate into schools.

With increasing cuts to education spend the emphasis on the pupil premium becomes increasingly important.  However, as this article from The Guardian points out Governors will also see Ofsted scrutinising the way schools are allocating these budgets in order to make sure every penny is being spent so that “every penny has an impact”.
Crucially, it must have an impact on those pupils who the premium is intended for.  The students who are the most disadvantaged must directly benefit from the budgets they attract.
Senior analyst James Richardson of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) states that “The core of pupil premium should be around the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom”.
The use of technology, tablets in particular, in the classroom is an effective way of enhancing the learning experience.  Teachers can personalise lesson plans to various abilities and execute them with greater ease based on individual students’ requirements.  In addition, working with a tablet can help connect teachers, students and parents.
Homework and feedback have been identified by EEF in a report from Durham University as low cost and high impact strategies for improving attainment, both of which can be enhanced using tablets such as the duo.Tab.
Schools must be careful to not use the pupil premium as a ‘bonus’.  “Pupil premium isn’t just a bolt-on,” says Richardson, “although because of the separate accountability aspect, people think it is.”. Investing in technology, such as the duo.Tab, provides a flexible way of integrating into a long-term strategy to raise attainment to many students whilst being able to focus on individual students needs.
For a bespoke plan on how a duo.Tab could help increase attainment in your school get in touch with one of our education specialists on 01727 201 800.

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