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We have been serving the public sector since 1982 and have developed strong customer relationships that are based on understanding and respect for the needs of the sector. We have held contracts with key bodies such as Eastern Shire Purchasing Organisation, Central Buying Consortium and Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation for over 15 years.

All government organisations are under pressure to meet the challenges of efficiency gain and best value initiatives whilst still delivering the very best standards for services and support to the local communities. We understand these issues and work closely with Local, District and Metropolitan Borough Councils, Local Education Authorities and other Government Agencies to help deliver the IT services and support that play a vital role in meeting these challenges.

  • GCloud-7
  • RM1599 Managed Print Services
  • Government Office Supplies Contract
  • Pro5
  • Value Wales
  • Central Buying Consortium
  • Yorkshire Purchasing Consortium
  • Eastern Shire Purchasing Organisation
  • North Eastern Procurement Organisation
  • Essex Online
  • RM3703 Crown Office Solutions
  • RM1054 Technology Products

To learn how public sector organisations can benefit from our programmes, take a look at our public sector brochures.

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