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As an Atlantis Computing Partner with a long history in delivering Virtual Desktop Infrastucture (VDI), we provide our customers with complete VDI solutions to meet your business needs and reduce the cost of VDI by optimising existing storage or utilising RAM as storage.
With mutual partners such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, HP and NetApp we deliver a VDI solution that reduces storage costs.

Working with you we can provide assessment, design, implementation and migration services with Atlantis Computing to reduce cost and complexity and improve efficiencies in your virtual desktop environment.

Atlantis Computing Overview

Atlantis Computing is a software company that optimises how storage is consumed in virtualised datacenters. Their award-winning solutions enable our customers to cut the amount of storage used by each virtual machine (VM), while boosting application performance and delivering increased storage flexibility in the datacenter.

Atlantis Computing  offer 100% software solutions that work with any enterprise storage, any server, and any hypervisor. They help build virtual storage environments that are simpler, faster, cheaper, and easier to manage—delivering dramatic ROI.

Atlantis Computing solutions offer comprehensive optimizations for virtual workloads such as databases, Microsoft Exchange, Big Data, test & development, line-of-business applications, virtual Citrix XenApp implementations, and virtual desktop deployments.


The patented Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Storage Optimization Technology eliminates up to 95% of the IO traffic before it reaches the underlying storage hardware, increasing the number of users per storage array by up to 20 times. Atlantis ILIO operates on any storage, any hypervisor and with any broker providing enterprise class storage with the fastest performance at the lowest costs.

Without Atlantis ILIO, costs of delivering VDI with acceptable performance at scale can bring the cost per desktop to $1,000-$2,000. Using Atlantis ILIO, these costs are reduced by as much as 80% bringing the costs down to less than $300 for persistent desktops and $200 for stateless desktops

The true cost of storage isn’t isolated to the initial purchase as the yearly operational costs average 40%-60% of the initial hardware purchase. These costs include power, cooling, network, rack space, drive failures, and maintenance licensing. Over the normal 3-5 year of a VDI project, the storage OPEX will be double the CAPEX costs. By using Atlantis ILIO, the amount of storage that must be maintained and operated is reduced by up to 95% thereby dramatically reducing the OPEX costs.



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