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Simplifying infrastructure to increase agility

Most organisations try and standardise on core platforms within the data centre such as server, storage, network, applications, virtualisation and management software and your processes. A converged infrastructure is the result of achieving this goal. In the past this has been complicated with numerous standards, platforms and internal processes not being aligned.

Today, the business benefits of achieving a highly flexible, available and scalable infrastructure to meet your requirements is extremely desirable and can deliver measurable benefit to your organisation.   

Your converged Infrastructure is the one that is right for your business and can contain elements from multiple companies. Making sure that it is managed in a single, encompassing manner is more important than having all of the “bits” from the same vendor. 

Experience to put you on the right trackWe’ve used our experience of delivering data centre infrastructure projects over 30 years to develop a flexible approach that helps us progress the steps needed to achieve the converged infrastructure for your business.

Our experts will work closely with you to determine the correct approach, processes and technology that combined will deliver the right solution for you, to deliver maximum efficiency, flexibility and availability.

We operate a comprehensive end to end, data centre practice that incorporates vital elements including pre-sales, solution architecture, implementation and delivery support, to successfully work with our customers on the journey to a converged infrastructure.

Supported by vendor relationships

Our relationships with leaders in data centre solutions, both hardware and software, complemented by partnerships with specialist and innovative vendors, allow us to provide a unique approach to your virtualisation needs.

A combination of compute, storage, software, networking and services designed, procured and implemented by our experts for your organisation, offering the bespoke service you expect.

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Key Benefits
  • Reduce IT CAPEX and OPEX cost
  • Enable access to shared services
  • Meet government green agendas
  • Enable cloud IT strategies
  • Create an agile data centre
  • Rapidly respond to demands on IT 
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