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Having a fully managed and automated IT infrastructure has been a goal since people had more than a few servers in the data centre. Over the years it has been called many things: enterprise systems management, utility computing and more recently, cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service. 
The benefits

A fully managed and automated data centre provides many benefits to organisations and is a key element for turning a virtualised data centre infrastructure into a cloud infrastructure. Achieving this goal is more complicated. Many of the benefits are operational and hard to measure – quicker, faster, better, more agile – what is the measurable value of these?
Understanding the current costs of running and maintaining your data centre is an important first step that will allow you to measure the potential benefits that can be achieved and to what extent and level you should travel on the journey.

Experience to put you on the right track

We've used our experience of delivering data centre solutions from the explosion of x86 based servers through to the consolidation of these through virtualisation to develop a typical journey that helps us identify and progress the steps needed to achieve a fully managed environment.

We will work closely with you to identify where management and automation can add benefit to your business and recommend solutions that complement and enhance your existing IT infrastructure strategy, to deliver maximum efficiency, flexibility and availability.

We operate a comprehensive and flexible end to end, data centre practice that incorporates key elements including pre-sales, solution architecture, implementation and delivery support, to successfully migrate our customers from physical through virtual to fully managed and automated infrastructures.

Supported by vendor relationships

Our relationships with leaders in Data Centre Infrastructure elements, hardware and software combined, complemented by partnerships with specialist and innovative vendors, allow us to provide an approach designed specifically for your business and your virtualisation needs.

Key Benefits
  • ​IaaS delivery and charging models
  • Maximise asset utilisation
  • Enable access to shared services
  • Enable cloud IT strategies
  • Create an agile data centre
  • Rapidly respond to IT demands
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