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An unmanageable admin to server ratio, high power and cooling costs, an increased use of floor space in the server room and an inability to innovate and respond to the rapidly changing business demands are typical issues our customers face before they virtualise. 

Virtualisation is key in helping develop an automated, agile infrastructure, allowing multiple applications and operating systems to run independently on a single server. A physical non-virtualised server, on average, uses less than 30% of its full potential, and with IT infrastructure becoming more complex and difficult to manage, IT productivity within a business is often constrained. By implementing a virtualisation solution, you can expect to reduce the total cost of ownership by 20% - 50% whilst increasing the efficiency, utilisation and flexibility of assets, as well as providing the platform for cloud computing.

Experience to put you on the right track

We've used our experience of past virtualisation projects to develop a typical journey that helps us identify and progress the steps needed to achieve a fully virtualised environment.

Throughout your virtualisation journey, we will work closely with you to identify where virtualisation can add benefit to your business and recommend solutions that complement and enhance your existing IT infrastructure strategy, to deliver maximum efficiency, flexibility and availability.

We operate a comprehensive and flexible end to end, virtualisation practice that incorporates key elements including pre-sales, solution architecture, implementation and delivery support, to successfully migrate our customers from physical to virtual infrastructure.
Supported by vendor relationships

Our relationships with leaders in virtualisation, complemented by partnerships with specialist and innovative vendors, allow us to provide an approach designed specifically for your business and your virtualisation needs.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce IT CAPEX and COPEX costs
  • Maximise Asset Utilisation
  • Enable future access to shared services
  • Help meet government green agendas
  • Enable cloud IT strategies
  • Create an agile data centre
  • Rapidly respond to demands of IT

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