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Deliver applications to all users at the same time

  • Do you have Windows applications that you need to deliver to mobile devices?
  • Reduce management cost through centralised, secure delivery of applications
  • Enable simplified PC refresh with reduced cost
  • Reduce risk of data loss while securing application access

Centralised delivery of Windows applications is a delivery model that has been proven over many years. With the emergence of new devices, tablets and in general a greater shift to a mobile workforce, or a highly distributed workforce, the need to deliver Windows applications securely to any device has increased.

Delivering Applications to any device form the data centre reduces deployment and ongoing management costs and increases security by ensuring that all data and access to applications is centralised within secure data centres.

Centrally delivered Applications, often in conjunction with a virtual desktop environment, delivers reliable performance and improved security, becoming the ultimate flexible and resilient solution, enabling you to centrally deploy and manage your applications and make them accessible from any device. You'll enjoy a more proactive, efficient and cost-effective working environment that doesn't compromise on security or the level of user control.

  • Mobile Windows Applications on Tablets
  • Provide Secure Contractor and Partner Access
  • Reduce Application Management cost
  • Simply PC Refresh and reduce Costs
  • Empower Mobile and Branch Workers

Our relationships with leaders in application delivery, complemented by partnerships with specialist and innovative vendors, allow us to provide an approach designed specifically for your business and your application delivery needs. 

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