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Are you ready to move towards a virtual desktop environment?

  • Maintaining and managing devices becoming time consuming and costly?
  • Experiencing increased downtime as a result of client hardware-failures?
  • Want to access niche bespoke legacy applications?
  • Experiencing unsecure remote access to the enterprise desktop environment?

Many of our customers have moved to a virtualisation solution for their servers and in their data centres.  This has helped simplify administrative tasks as well as reducing management and operating costs. Moving towards desktop virtualisation unleashes similar benefits.

A virtual desktop environment drives reliable performance and improved security, becoming the ultimate flexible and resilient solution, enabling you to centrally deploy and manage your desktop environments and applications that are accessible from any device. You'll enjoy a more proactive, efficient and cost-effective working environment that doesn't compromise on security or the level of user control.
  • Cost and energy savings
  • Consolidated office space
  • Enables a flexible workforce
  • Improved management with centrally managed desktops
  • Increased security with data never leaving the data centre
  • Enhanced availability by having “desktops in the data centre”

We partner with leading solution providers, including HP, Dell, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, to deliver personalised virtual desktop solutions that meet your desktop and data access needs while ensuring control and data security.


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