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We work hard to provide a level of service that takes the stress and burden away from you and your IT staff.


By utilising our extensive range of configuration services, we can help you save both time and money.

Through a collaborative partnership we will complement your own IT resources to gain maximum efficiency and help bridge your IT resource gap. Our state of the art configuration facility is capable of managing a full range of pre-installation services; all managed through to ISO 9001 accredited processes.

Device imaging 

Rolling out new devices onto your company network is now made simple by creating a device image based around your specification, meaning the devices are ready to go when they arrive to your desk.

With a range of build options we can incorporate any number of software applications, including

  • Anti-virus
  • Custom utilities
  • Backdrops
  • Screen savers
  • Desktop icons
  • Manipulation of registry details
  • Internet connectivity
  • Inclusion of favourite websites
  • Printer drivers

Once an agreed base build has been created a copy (image) is then taken, which can be used for replication onto further PC's, laptops or tablets. This image can be transferred onto recovery disks to enable a quick and easy rebuild in the event of system corruption, and return the system to the base build. For added convenience, we will deploy an existing image, so no need to start from scratch.

With 160 networked bench spaces for mass deployment, all segregated to allow multiple work streams to happen concurrently, we are able to eliminate the risk of cross contaminations, meaning peace of mind for you.

Asset tagging

Through the simple application of a unique ID number that is labelled, tagged or marked onto your IT equipment, you can simply manage your device fleet by quickly identifying valuable information about the device such as serial number, warranty expiration and product descriptions.

Although asset tagging is a simple task, it is time consuming and requires substantial operation space if you are looking to deploy multiple machines. We can manage this process for you releasing your resource to focus on your core business needs. By working with us to fulfil this service at our purpose built configuration facility, your devices can be deployed directly to staff without having to be processed twice. 

Security marking

Security marking offers a cost effective way of identifying your equipment in the event of theft and can help in returning the device to the rightful owner if it is lost or stolen.

We can offer various methods of security marking including stencil etching, DNA paint, Smartwater and customised permanent artwork. These Security marks are used to deter theft by removing the appeal of the equipment and the resale opportunity. A security marked item also increases the opportunity of reuniting the product with its rightful owner if lost or stolen.

Storage media labelling

Effective tracking of storage media encourages faster data retrieval and reduced storage cost. To support this, we provide a range of media labelling products and related services.

We are certified to use both Tri-Optic and EDP labels and have the UK’s only Class 10,000 HEPA Filtrated clean room, using the same level of particle removal used in operating theatres. This means our media labelling is carried out in the clean environment that is vital to protect the very delicate data tracks contained on a tape which can easily become contaminated from tiny particles.

Screen printing, spray painting and lapjacks

We offer screen printing, spray painting and lapjack services to not only add some brand identity to your laptop but also to keep it secure from theft and protect it from scuffs and scratches.

Screen printing – Partial covering of lid, with a maximum of three colours
Spray painting – A full lid print using any amount of colours
Lapjacks – Adhesive, removable stickers that are applied to the lid

Our in-house laser etching service can be used to personalise and security mark many IT products including tablets and notebooks. We find that etching is better than other marking processes such as chemical/acid etching, since it gives a much cleaner image and is less time consuming.


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